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Founded in early 2018, TS-PATH has been dedicated to providing customized management solutions for real-estate firms and individuals in Berlin. Our experienced team of lawyers, financiers, and brokers are ready to help you purchase a property, develop a project, establish your new real estate company or partnership while helping you navigate through the maze involved in arranging any finances required.

Due to the diverse make-up of our team, we offer a range of services that encapsulates the many needs of developers/real-estate owners. We have the legal and financial know-how, the necessary bank relationships in the areas of Berlin and Brandenburg, and we know the local real-estate industry inside-out. Each senior member of our team is specialized in what we do and together we offer you a broad range of consultation services to successfully engage with the Berlin real estate market.

During our work together, we will place our contacts at your disposal, allowing you and/or your business to rely on an established network of service providers, such as notaries, lawyers, accountants, and bankers, as well as construction companies and administrative services.


Tsameret understands that sometimes nothing goes according to plan in the construction game. It doesn't matter if it's about delays in sourcing materials, trouble finding the right workers, things that go wrong at work, anyone dealing with us needs to be flexible, and this is exactly what Tsameret is - he knows when to step. the accelerator and when not. Her experience saved us a lot of mistakes over the time we've been working with her. Whether it's to get additional certification or approval, make sure we get paid on time, or simply preserve our top customers. She and her team always make sure we get what we need. . . We are very happy with their work.

Saarmunder Projektgesellschaft mbH

Tsameret has been servicing the company for years now in a various range of services, which in the absence of a better definition can be defined as general and financial management. We rely on her extensive knowledge of the various levels needed to negotiate real estate transactions, and her capabilities in company and project management to move many ventures, which might not have moved at the same speed without her. We can only recommend to any new entrepreneur moving to Berlin and looking for a real estate manager or negotiator to give her a call.

Teltowufer Beteiligungs GmbH

I highly recommend Tsameret's real estate services to anyone. Her in-depth knowledge of real estate regulations, high morality, and easy-going personality make her an excellent choice for a due diligence manager. Her cool demeanor makes her a force to be reckoned with as she enters negotiations. Don't let the tall and slender figure distract you: when the gloves come off, she's ready to deal a knock-out punch, often catching the unsuspecting party by surprise.


Highly recommended: I have worked with Tsameret Samuel and her team for quite some time, she has helped me with various real estate transactions. I am very satisfied with your services.


The best in the field! What does one need during a real estate transaction? Someone who takes over that hassle and gets them the best lucrative deal possible. This is exactly what I got from Tsameret. Service from A to Z, I myself did not have to deal with anything, the apartment was sold, the buyers transferred the purchase price on time, clean- cut, end of story. I am very satisfied with the service I got and I have no doubt that I will work with Tsameret and her team in the future.


Outstanding! I moved to Berlin and wanted to get help starting a business. Tsameret helped me in everything I needed and did an outstanding job at it. I am very pleased with her service, she really speeded up the process for me, so much that I could not believe how well and quick it all turned out.


I highly recommend Tsameret. She is thorough, serious, gives her all into the work, is true to her word, and provides excellent customer service.


If you are looking for an Israeli in Berlin who will guide you while buying an investment property in Berlin, just go to Tsameret. She knows everything about the legalities and technicalities around buying a property, knows the Berlin market, how to work the infamous German bureaucracy, and always has unique outside-the-box ideas. It is great to know that there are Israelis in Berlin who can provide a service at that level.


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